The Christikon Legacy

For 67 years, Christikon has lived out the mission of awakening and nurturing faith in Christ and exploring the adventure of life together. We have seen generations of staff, campers, and families go up the Boulder Road to one of the most special places in Montana…

The legacy of Christikon – developing faith in Christ and love of God’s Creation – has a powerful impact. We believe this ministry matters to people in our communities, throughout the Lutheran Church, even across the world.

The Trail Ahead

We have the opportunity to map out what future staff and visitors will discover when they reach the high end of the road in the beautiful Boulder River Valley. Strong as ever is the commitment we share to the place called Christikon. A place to sing, pray, eat, listen, hike, learn, and play. A place to know who we are, and Whose we are.

Join us as we expand and improve the ministry in this amazing place that we all love so much. Learn more about our Capital Campaign below which is divided into three parts. Each part includes anticipated costs for construction, permits, fundraising, marketing, engineering, and architecture.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 and complete all phases of the project in 5 years. You are a vital part of keeping Christikon a destination for Christian youth and families for many generations to come. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Explore the New Buildings!

Blackfoot Lodge

South Bath House

Welcome Center

Boy’s Dorm